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toothbrush box arena | Bamboo

Beautifully constructed using mitred, engineered bamboo this simple but lovely product will make your day that little bit better. The divided storage keeps toothbrushes separate from the toothpaste. 

Made from sustainably harvested bamboo, selected for its honey colour, beautiful grain pattern, remarkable durability and strong ecological credentials. All edges look crisp but are carefully hand sanded to make them soft to the touch. Finished with a matt, water resistant lacquer. Silicone feet stop it slipping. Design by Lincoln Rivers.

Review: "The lower part has a sticky pad that helps having it in place on the sink, good detail! "   Xabier 05.2020.
Review: "Beautiful and fits my electric toothbrush, love it! "    02.2020.

Dimensions: 13w x 6d x 11.5h cm
Product code: 70042.03

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