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spice lab | Gloss white

Based upon an early wireworks product favourite, 'Spice Lab' our twelve tube herb and spice storage rack has added features.

Spice lab - organises and dispenses dried herbs, mixed rubs and seasonings with ease. 

The welded frame has a bright, chrome plated finish. Beech wood stoppers with friction-fit, pop silicone seals are designed to keep tube contents fresh and the crystal clarity borosilicate glass tubes are both hygienic and durable. Tubes hold approximately 60ml. Includes thirty-five pre-named sticky labels that you can fix to the tubes making contents identification clear. Design by Anna Albright.

Review: "Innovative spice racks."   Lathursan 10.2017.

Dimensions: 14.5w x 12.5d x 20h cm
Product code: 10020.01

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