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pinch and grind peppermill | Natural oak

A two-in-one mill for dispensing freshly ground pepper and a pinch of  salt. The bowl in the top can be filled with your choice of speciality salt, crunchy sea  salt, pink Himalayan salt or herb flavoured salt - it's up to you. The bowl is sealed for freshness with a cork that's harvested by hand and retains it's natural bark surface. When you want salt, pinch it!

Fill the oak body with peppercorns and set the grind coarseness by adjusting the ceramic 'Crush grind' mechanism in the base. Top is epoxy painted beech wood. Body is made from sustainably harvested solid European oak with a special lacquer finish that stops the grinder picking up greasy finger marks.

Based in the Czech Republic our grinder manufacturer is situated in the middle of a beech wood forest. The woodland has been managed sustainably since the early 1700’s. Deer, wild boar, bubbling spring water and wild flowers flourish. The Czech’s are renowned for their engineering. Their lathes are the sharpest and the quality they achieve the highest. All our grinders are made on Czech lathes! Design by Lincoln Rivers.

Review: "Hi Georgie, you must pull off the white top part to refill the pepper: place the grinder on a work surface, hold the base (oak part) in one hand and the top (white part) in the other hand. Lift the white part up. It will come off the oak part and the pepper grinds go into the hole. "  Georgie 08.2020.
Review: "Love it. So stylish. Works perfectly. So worth every penny. Looks great on my kitchen worktop. "  Donna 06.2018.

Dimensions: 6.5d x 21h cm
Product code: 10030.27

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