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flo grinder black large | Black

The absence of an unsightly fixing knob and the slender elegance of this design makes Flo the perfect fit for your hand. This winning combination of form and function houses the proven Danish 'Crush Grind', adjustable, ceramic grinding mechanism. Using a single block of un-laminated, stained black beech, we keep the integrity of the grain and improve the grinders appearance.

Based in the Czech Republic our grinder manufacturer is situated in the middle of a beech wood forest. The woodland has been managed sustainably since the early 1700’s. Deer, wild boar, bubbling spring water and wild flowers flourish. 

The Czech’s are renowned for their engineering. Their lathes are the sharpest and the quality they achieve the highest. All our grinders are made on Czech lathes!

Review: "I bought a pair of these a while back, one large black and a smaller white, love them. The shape is lovely and very tactile. They grind perfectly and are very attractive. You do have to be careful not to pick them up by the top as it will pull off and you end up with peppercorns or salt all over the place. Once you realise this it isn’t a problem just make sure you pick them up by the body. They are well made and I’m sure they will last me a very long time. Best grinders I’ve owned. "   Lesley 05.2019.

Dimensions: 8d x 24h cm
Product code: 22001.06

Other available finishes: Beech, White

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